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Not many of us really bother to think about the 'future of scanning'. A scanner for us is this clunky machine which runs a light across a document or photo and gives us a digital copy of it.  Phone scanners essentially do the same job making the old-fashioned clunky scanner almost redundant.

However, Scanify is a little different. Not little, completely different. Imagine if you could scan your favourie toy and re-create it with a 3D printer. And imagine, if you want to capture a product in it's full 3D glory, then this scanner would do that and provide you a digital 3D image!

SCANIFY captures 3D images in an instant, taking just 0.1 second to take a single scan from a single viewpoint. Two 3.5 Megapixel cameras, three Xenon Flashes, three LED Guide Lights and two Triggers power this amazing device.

Smiledrive has it's eyes fixed on this beauty of a smart scanner because the future might well be in 3D!

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Address: Malad West, Mumbai 400064