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Planning for a vacation or worried about home security, checkout wide range of travel gadgets and accessories with Smart Home Monitoring at India's No.1 Gadget Shop - Capture your best memories by a durable action camera, charge your device anywhere with multipurpose travel Adapter and carry your valuable with you in a stylish travel pouch.

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  1. wireless earphones/headphone

    Smiledrive Swimming/Sports 100% Waterproof Earphone MP3 Player with Inbuilt 4GB Memory –World’s First Completely Waterproof Headphones

    Regular Price: Rs3,999

    Special Price Rs3,199

    How about listening to your favorite songs while swimming? Built with marine grade, submergible waterproof material, these earphones can be your companion in all conditions, from rain to sunshine, whether you run or walk or s...
  2. coolest lighter

    Smiledrive Gold Bar Shaped Rechargeable USB Cigarette Lighter – Flameless Eco Friendly Lighter, Cool Gift

    Regular Price: Rs1,499

    Special Price Rs999

    Next Generation of Cigarette Lighters is here. They don’t need refills, they need charge. They don’t create flame, they create a spark and they now look ultra cool. Presenting, the Gold Bar Shaped USB rechargeable...
  3. body relaxer

    Smiledrive Portable Massager For Neck Shoulder Back Waist Body Wrap Heat Therapy RC For the Relaxation of Muscle Pain and Tightness

    Regular Price: Rs3,999

    Special Price Rs2,599

    Are you tired out every day with office jobs? Have you got pain on neck and shoulder after all day facing the computer? If yes, this Neck & Shoulder massager provides an invigorating massage to relive the pain on your neck, s...
  4. Wireless IP Surveillance Camera


    Regular Price: Rs5,999

    Special Price Rs2,499

    Smiledrive brings World's most convenient WIFI IP CAMERA - Cleverdog . From installing to setting up to customer friendly app that allows two way speaking, accessing history of the Camera through the app, to motion detection ...

    Smiledrive Coffee Grinder-Grinding Machine With Stainless Steel Blades For Coffee Beans, Spices, Nuts, Grains

    Regular Price: Rs2,999

    Special Price Rs2,199

    For those who love the aromatic taste of freshly grinded coffee, here is a must buy. Smiledrive coffee grinder is a small handy device that you can keep in your office or home, Make fresh batches of coffee powder from the beans and every time get that fresh aromatic coffee.
  6. Passport Gadget Wallet Case Pouch

    Smiledrive Travel Document Passport Gadget Holder Case-Multipurpose Wallet Pouch for Powerbanks, Smart Phones, Data Cable

    Regular Price: Rs799

    Special Price Rs599

    Here is a multipurpose travel case that makes your life easy. Now you can conveniently carry all your gadgets, from pendrives, to earphones to data cables, to power bank, to passport cover and boarding pass – all in one easy to carry holder.

  7. Ultrasonic Beer Foam Maker

    Smiledrive Beer Foamer Portable Automatic Frother Wand-Handheld Frothing Device for Beer, Coffee, Milk & Other Drinks

    Regular Price: Rs2,999

    Special Price Rs1,999

    Get the perfect amount of foam everytime. Smiledrive Portable Ultrasonic Beer foam maker makes your beer more like draft beer. Watch the bubbles rise on the top. The aroma of beer is released as the bubbles in the head pop. I...
  8. Portable Digital LCD Wood Building Material Moisture Meter

    Smiledrive Portable Digital LCD Wood Building Material Moisture Meter Humidity Detector Wet Sensor Tester Temperature Measure

    Regular Price: Rs1,799

    Special Price Rs999

    This instrument can be used to measure the moisture level in sawn timber (also paper and cardboard) and hardened materials (mortar, concrete and plaster) as well as the environment temperature. It displays the moisture level...
  9. digital cooking food thermometer

    Smiledrive Digital Cooking Food Thermometer Probe with Instant Read for BBQ, Meat, Coffee, Baking-Foldable Design

    Regular Price: Rs1,499

    Special Price Rs999

    How to use:  Just turn it on and insert the temperature a couple of centimeter into the food you want to know the temperature of. In a few seconds, a highly...

    Smiledrive LCD eWriter Memopad Writing Board 8.5" Paperless Drawing Tablet E-writing Digital Note Pad with Stylus Pen

    Regular Price: Rs2,499

    Special Price Rs1,699

    Smiledrive LCD Writing Tablet is the future of making notes or sketching. This environmentally friendly pad lets you scribble, make notes or even sketch. When done, simple press delete button to clean the screen. Great ...

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