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Smiledrive Gadget Shop brings latest Mobile Gadgets at best price. Shop for Lens Kit, Earphones, Universal Remote, Wireless Storage, OTG USB, Back Cover, VR 3D Headset, Universal Stands, Fitness Trackers and much more for Samsung, Xiaomi, iPhone and many other Android iOS devices.

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  1. Mobile Mount for outdoor activities

    Smiledrive Universal Mobile Phone Bike Bicycle Handlebar Holder Stand Tripod Mount-Patented Multipurpose SmartphoneClamp

    Regular Price: Rs1,299

    Special Price Rs999

    Fix it on bikes, bicycles, handlebars, scooters, tables – fix it almost anywhere. Check directions, click pictures or simple watch videos. This is the most sturdy, versatile mobile phone stand mount you would ever get.

  2. EZ Bluetooth Smart Deadbolt Lock

    Smiledrive EZ Bluetooth Smart Deadbolt Lock Opens through Smart Phone, NFC, FOB/Remote or Keys – Keyless Door Lock

    Regular Price: Rs14,999

    Special Price Rs9,999

    In a rapidly changing world why do we still have old fashioned locks? Smiledrive presents the smart deadbolt lock there is – the EZ lock. Now you can open your deadbolt lock with your smart phone, or through NFC or via FOB ...
  3. Card Reader for Iphone and Android

    Smiledrive Wireless (WIFI)Universal Card Reader for iPhone, Android Phones, iPad, PC, Laptop, Tablets – Universal Wifi OTG Card Reader compatible with USB Flash Pen Drives, Micro SD/TIFF & SD Card

    Regular Price: Rs3,999

    Special Price Rs3,199

    Now wirelessly transfer data from any mobile, tablet or computer to this WIFI Data Storage Device. So no need to buy expensive iPhone/smartphone storage or no need to connect to computer with wires to store pictures. Just ins...
  4. Get Internet in your car

    Smiledrive Plug & Play Car WIFI Converter with USB Adapter/Charger – Get 3G/4G WIFI Internet in your Car

    Regular Price: Rs7,999

    Special Price Rs6,999

    Want to convert your car into a WIFI Car? Just insert a sim car with 3G or 4G connection, plug in Smiledrive’s Car Wifi Device into cigarette lighter slot and everyone in your car can connect with internet – wirelessly.

  5. sleep monitor

    Smiledrive Sleepace RestOn Non-Wearable Non-intrusive Sleep Monitor Sensor Bluetooth 4.0 Supports IOS Android System – Comprehensive Sleep Analyzer

    Regular Price: Rs9,999

    Special Price Rs8,999

    Getting a good night’s sleep is paramount to good health. And most of us don’t like to wear devices while sleeping. Introducing in India, the revolutionary Sleepace, a non-wearable sleep monitoring analyser, that tells yo...
  6. Car Universal Mobile Holder

    Smiledrive Multipurpose Dual Suction 360 Degree Rotatable Car Dash/Desk Universal Tablet/Mobile Mount Stand Holder – For iPad& Other Tablets/Phablets/iPhone/Samsung Phones (WHITE)

    Regular Price: Rs1,499

    Special Price Rs1,199

    If you like to see things on the big screen then here is an ideal holder. Be it big screen mobiles or tablet this dual suction cup 360 degree rotatable mount allows you the freedom of watching maps or movies on a bigger scree...
  7. Waist Bag with Water bottle

    Smiledrive Romix Sports Waist Bag with Water Bottle Slot (Bottle not Included) – Ideal for Joggers & Runners

    Regular Price: Rs1,499

    Special Price Rs999

    Going for a long run? Where to keep your water bottle is always a question. Now here is the best solution. SmiledriveRomix Sports Waist Bag water bottle slot allows you to go for a run with your bottle, mobile phone and all the other valuables

  8. anti-slip mobile holder

    Smiledrive Soft Silicone Car Mobile Holder with Magnetic Absorption Charger –Super Flexible Anti-Slip Smart Phone Car Stand, Mount with iOS& Android Charging

    Regular Price: Rs1,199

    Special Price Rs899

    This is an ideal in-car charging plus mount option for mobile phones. The anti-slip super flexible pad can be kept anywhere on the dash board, keep your smart phone at 120 degrees, ideal to view maps or look at notifications ...
  9. stylish mobile stand

    Smiledrive Xuenair Multifunctional Aluminium Laptop/Desktop Stand Table with Universal Mobile Holder – High Quality Multi Purpose Stylish Desk Solution

    Regular Price: Rs4,999

    Special Price Rs3,799

    With increasing number of cases of neck and shoulder pain due to sitting infront of the computer for long hours, it is extremely important to get your screen to be aligned with your eyes whether in your office or at home, and...
  10. play song wirelessly


    Regular Price: Rs3,999

    Special Price Rs2,999

    Going to the beach, or a picnic or to the gym, here is a perfect bag that can easily carry couple of day’s stuff and not just that it doubles up as a Bluetooth music system/speakers. Just switch on the Bluetooth unit inside...

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